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Conveniently available self-storage in Ružinov. You can easy book your space.

Storage available from 2.0 m2 for €36 per month.

Safe and comfortable.

24/7 availability.

Popular location.

About us.


We offer self-storage storage spaces, a popular way of storing personal belongings for both individuals and companies that need more space.

The warehouses are located in an underground garage, with the most convenient access and a reserved parking space "one step away" from the warehouses.

Secure premises that are available 365 days a year, 24/7, without any restrictions. You simply rent your space and you can store. 

Discover our offer.

Choose exactly what you need. Whether it is long-term warehouse rental at a discounted price, or short-term storage starting from one month, you can choose with us.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an individual offer.

The best offer

12 months 

from 36 /mont.

€18 / m2

6 months 

from40 /month.

€20 / m2

Max flexibility

1 month +

from44 /month.

€18 / m2

18% discount

When you need storage for a long time.

If you pay in advance for a period of 1 year, you will not miss the discount.

9% discount

Seasonal storage? Rent and pay in advance for a period of 6 months and take advantage of a 9% discount.


Our most flexible offer.

Does he need storage space for a short period of time? Rent it for a period starting from one month with a regular monthly payment.


Your warehouse is ready. Anytime.

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